Claus Witt

I am beginning a new journey; my wife and I have a couple of ideas for photoshoots. I know that she is a much more accomplished photographer than I am; but we want her to be the model in most of the ideas we have, and I really want to learn this skill...

So she sent me a couple of ideas on how to become a better photographer; and one of these ideas will involve doing a photograph each day; and perhaps an extra challenge every week or so.

The photoshoot ideas we have, however - will probably not be shown here... they are probably too nsfw for the public internet. But they will be posted somewhere; if you know, you know.

I will follow this march challenge; and start on march 13th - but use the first 12 days as extra ideas if I am fealing inspired some days.

and I will follow this yearly challenge (but start from week 1 instead of the week I am in)

In april I will follow this final list

My goal is to do this every day; and hopefully I have the energy to also post the resulting images every day; if not, I will follow up weekly instead.

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