Claus Witt

I try to learn a new thing every day. Sometimes it is a big thing sometimes something small.

Blogs and news

I read a lot of blog posts. Every day I go to Reddit and HackerNews and click approx 10-30 links on each site - after having scanned headlines and votes for about a couple of seconds for each.

Then I scan the actual blog posts and about a third of the ones I click get put into Pocket for reading. Once in Pocket about half the posts get read, the other half gets archived almost isntantly upon rescanning.

Last but not least a third or so will get starred - and I may get back to them later, share them on twitter - either directly or through Buffer. Only on occasion will I comment on a post, or go back to reddit or hackernews to upvote a post. (Sorry - but I tend to read the articles much later than actually clicking on them - so I never get around to upvoting - sorry)

On top of all that the blogs that I end up visiting more than a couple of times end up in my feed reader. This feed reader is only checked once a week - and the above workflow matches pretty much what I do - however blogs that are in my feedreader tend to be of a higher quality generally than a random link from reddit or hackernews.


I listened to a lot of different podcasts in the past - but I must admit that the only two that I keep comming back to is Tim Ferris Podcast and Ruby Rogues. All others I have followed have too varying quality in the content for me.


I spend far too much money on both, and - as well as some of the tech publishers on occasion. I buy at least one new book each months. But most months it is closer to one a week on average.

Videos and screencasts

My fondness for screencasts started with Peepcode and the awesome Destroy All Software series (which sadly stopped the month I got a subscription). Railscast was also great - but went on a long hiatus at some point. Lately RubyTapas and Elixir Sips have gotten a lot of my attention. I also try to follow Handmade Hero as well as a lot of the great developers who are beginning to live code.

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